What is Adolescence




When it comes to canine development, there are several stages they will go through. Perhaps the most challenging is adolescence. This is the period between sexual maturity and social maturity between the ages of approximately 4 -24 months, though it varies between breeds and individuals.

During this time lots of changes are happening within your dog’s body and although they look more grown up, they are a far cry from the adult they will become.

As their body grows, they become bigger and physically stronger. They will grow in spurts and this can lead to imbalance in your teens developing body. They might seem clumsy as they haven’t developed skill and awareness of their body. They might also experience discomfort associated with rapid growth and could start to dislike their harness or react to touch on certain parts of their body.

Hormone levels rising and changes to brain chemistry also mean that teens can undertake more risky behaviour to find excitement and pleasure. They are likely to be more interested in other dogs, scent and exploration. This can lead to your dog getting themselves into trouble with other dogs as behaviour which was tolerated by others as a puppy becomes a problem as they get older.

The good news is with the right foundations, continued training and appropriate exposure to the world around them, this stage is temporary and you will emerge on the other side with a wonderfully well rounded, resilient adult dog.

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