Whether it’s:

  • Puppy Socialization and Problem Prevention
  • Adolescent Dog Selective Listening
  • Public Manners
  • Integrating your newly adopted dog into your household
  • Helping your dog navigate fear, over excitement or frustration in the presence of strangers or other dogs

We can help!

    What Our Clients Say

    “I took several classes with D For Dog and loved all of them. I really enjoyed that many of the classes were held in different locations around town so your pup gets to practice the skills in the real world.”

    Kelly L, Mom of River & Kaylee, Pitbull puppies (Group Class Client)
    “The one thing that sets Kaajal apart from other trainers is that she uses Positive reinforcement methods and is remarkably good at training humans in how they connect with their puppy as that sets the right foundation for a successful long term relationship with the pup.”
    Mikkin P, Dad of Munchkin, a Labradoodle Puppy (Group Class Client)