Leave It Task Switching




When your dog is able to leave items and food that you put on the floor, you can level up the leave it game to help your dog develop their ability to switch their focus from one task to another, and recall information that will enable them to quickly process situations and make appropriate decisions.

This will help your dog to navigate the world around them without frustration and enhance their focus and ability to stay on task, even around distractions.

To start practice getting your dog to leave a treat you place on the floor beside you. Mark and reward your dog where they are for staying still or even better, looking at you.

Next you are going to place the food on the floor and after marking throw your dog’s reward behind them so that they get up and run away to get their treat. This will break their focus on the food you have on the ground and as they come back and notice it again, they will have the chance to make a choice. If they slow down and look at you instead of trying to take the food, mark and reward them by tossing a treat again. If they try to take the food, simply cover it up.

After a short while your dog will get really good at making the choice to leave the food on the floor when they return. They will be better able to retain information about the game they are playing with you, even after their focus has shifted to chasing their reward.

This simple game will help your dog develop their processing skills and ability to make good choices even after they become distracted or complete another task. This will have a huge impact on developing self control as well as responding to cues given.

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