Hide and Seek




When you have taught a recall cue to your dog, one game which really helps to supercharge their response is hide and seek. You’ll want to practice this in the home and out on a long line before playing this game off lead when your dog has a great recall.

Start by distracting your dog with something to smell. Run away a short distance and hide out of direct sight.

Call your dog using their recall cue and when they come rushing over, reward them with something they love. Distract them again before running off to a new hiding place. Be sure to make it easy and fun for your dog. The idea is to get them excited about finding where you went so don’t make your hiding places too concealed!

The more you practice this, the quicker your dog will become at finding you when you call.

Practice in lots of safe locations and watch your dog’s enthusiasm to recall skyrocket.

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