Importance of Scent




Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Compared to humans who have around 5 million scent receptors, dogs can have up to 300 million! They can detect subtle differences in odour which has many applications in the world. Dogs can locate suspicious substances at the airport, detect cancer and other diseases, search for missing people and even alert to low blood sugar levels or imminent seizures.

Not every dog will be trained to this level but there are many ways you can give your dog an opportunity to use this amazing sense.

It’s no wonder that your dog doesn’t want to walk in a straight line. They much prefer to zigzag back and forth, sniffing every leaf, blade of glass, lamp post and mailbox. This olfactory exploration is a dog’s version of getting sucked into that new Netflix series—there’s a whole story of smells unfolding before them.

It’s important that dogs are given an outlet for this amazing sense. Not only is it incredibly enriching but will help your dog acclimatise to new environments and build confidence and relaxation through familiarity.

Next time you walk your dog, make sure to appreciate how many different smells, and stories, are circulating through your dog’s nose and brain. Instead of rushing your dog along, let them sniff. Scent is how dogs understand the world and it’s our responsibility to enable them to experience the many wonders the world has to offer.

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