Marker Timing




When it comes to training your dog, it is really important that you master the human side of things. One aspect that is essential is getting the timing of the marker right, to tell your dog exactly when they are doing the correct thing. Too soon and your dog hasn’t done the behaviour yet, but too late and your dog is doing something else entirely.

To practice your timing you are going to use the following videos. Say your marker word or click in time to the actions.

In this first clip, mark every time the tip of the woman’s finger touches her palm…

In this next clip mark every time the ball touches the floor…

Now mark every time the ball touches the racket…

Same again, in this clip, mark every time the ball touches the racket…

And finally mark when the ball touches the ground.

Play these videos as many times as you need to, to perfect your timing.

Putting the time into boosting your own skills will make working with your dog much easier.

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