Arriving at an off lead park




Taking your dog to an area where they get to enjoy off lead freedom can be a great experience but you’ll want to go about it in the right way.

Before you even consider letting your dog off lead you will want to make sure they have a brilliant recall around distractions and are relaxed and confident around people and other dogs. You’ll also want to make sure you’re good at reading your own dog’s body language as well as others, so that you can avoid any potential issues arising.

As you approach the off lead area you’ll want to make sure that your dog is calm and not becoming overly excited or frustrated.

If your dog is struggling as you approach, things are more likely to go wrong when you arrive. If your dog isn’t in the right mindset, don’t worry – change your plan and walk elsewhere instead.

As you arrive, look to see what’s happening. If you notice any dogs with concerning body language or somebody struggling to recall their dog, it is better to leave rather than risk a negative experience for your dog.

If it’s an enclosed dog park, make sure to remove your dog’s lead before entering. Ask people to recall their dogs away from the entrance before you head inside and start walking around the perimeter of the park.

Make sure that any playmates are well suited to your dog in terms of play style, size and activity level. You want your dog to learn how to interact appropriately and read social situations well, which means being proactive and not allowing your dog to practice inappropriate interactions.

Always remember to bring a bowl and supply of water to keep your dog hydrated when out and about.

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