Manners Around People




If your dog struggles to remain calm around people you meet in the street, you’ll want to be proactive in handling this situation. Allowing your dog to excitedly rush up to and greet people by jumping up will only strengthen this behaviour as your dog grows up.

Throughout adolescence you want to help your dog learn how to remain calm around people and not become frustrated if they don’t get to greet them.

Make sure to watch out for people approaching and ask them to stop before they get too close. Get your dogs attention and focus so that they can wait calmly next to you at a distance while you speak to the person. Reward your dog for remaining settled throughout – either in a sit or standing up, whichever is most comfortable for your dog.

If you notice your dog gets more excited when facing the person, simply prompt them to face you throughout as this will help to keep them calm.

Practicing this in lots of situations with a variety of people will really help to teach your dog remain calm when out and about.

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