Jumping Up prevention (When You Come Home)




When it comes to teaching dogs to keep their paws on the floor when greeting people, one of the key situations which will impact your training is how your dog interacts with you when you come home.

Start by setting up management so that your dog cannot jump on you when you arrive. One option is to install a barrier or gate at the front door. This will enable you to come into the home and reward your dog with attention, treats of play when they offer calm behaviour, such as sitting, or standing patiently.

Another great tip is to set yourself up with a pot of rewards outside the door. As you come home, grab some treats and as you open the door, reach inside with the food in your hand at your dog’s nose level. Immediately reward your dog for keeping their feet on the ground and continue to feed as you walk inside.

Keep rewarding your dog for calm behaviour as you move around the home together.

Be sure to practice this frequently throughout the day. The more you work on this now, the easier it will be for your dog to greet you and your visitors politely, even when they’re excited.

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