Building Door Manners




Teaching your dog good door manners can really help when it comes to collecting mail or bringing visitors into your home. You can help prevent your dog from running through the door or jumping up by teaching them to go to a spot and wait calmly whenever you need to open the door.

Practice without a visitor at first. Guide your dog to a chosen spot and ask them to sit. You can lay down a mat for this or use a rug already in the environment near to the front door. Reward them when they get into position.

Build up the duration that they are able to stay on their spot by rewarding every few seconds if they remain sitting.

When they are doing well at this you can start to take a step away before returning and adding in distractions like touching the door handle or opening the door a little. Reward your dog each time you return. Progress to opening the door fully, pretending to have a conversation and finally greeting somebody at the door.

Whilst training this you should incorporate some form of management to prevent your dog accidentally being able to run through the door. You could use a trailing lead or even tether your dog when they get to their spot.

Whenever you are not actively training this exercise, but need to go to the door, make sure your dog is in a safe space such as their x-pen or crate. This will prevent your dog from practicing undesirable behaviour at the door.

Make sure you set your dog up to succeed throughout.

Happy Training!

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