Escape Using a Treat Magnet




When you are walking your dog there will be times that you become aware of a scenario unfolding that is difficult for your dog. Scanning the environment and looking for things that your dog might get over excited by or worried about helps you to take preventative action before things escalate. You can change your direction, increase distance or get your dog to sit and focus on you, until things pass.

Sometimes situations arise where you are unable to move far enough away for your dog to be able to relax. You may have found yourself in a suddenly busy situation with no feasible escape routes at that moment. This may mean you have to pass something you know your dog is not prepared for.

In these situations you can use a treat magnet to keep your dog’s attention as you quickly move past the distraction.

To do this you will need a high value reward that your dog loves.

Hold the treat between your fingers and thumb, at nose height for your dog. Lure them to walk closely beside you, letting them lick and chew pieces off of the treat as you move. Move quickly past the distractions.

When you are safely past, you can return to walking normally together.

Always look to plan routes according to your dog’s needs and skill level.

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