Importance of Chewing




During adolescence your dog has finished puppy teething but you will notice them needing to chew a lot. This is because they are developing muscles around their jaw to enable them to use their adult teeth effectively.

It is important that you continue to provide your dog with lots of items to chew of varying texture so that they have an outlet for this need.

If dogs don’t have appropriate chew items to occupy them, they may go in search of finding their own outlet and start to chew furniture or other items you don’t want them to.

Proactively giving your dog items to chew on will not only satisfy their need to chew, but also provide them with mental enrichment, essential for their wellbeing.

Be sure to keep your home tidy so that your dog doesn’t have the chance to mistakenly chew on something they shouldn’t and use management when you leave them alone until they are out of this phase of heavy chewing.

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