Wheres My Face




Focus is an important skill to develop with adolescent dogs. Making it worthwhile for your dog to check in with you will make a huge difference when it comes to everyday life. One game which is excellent for this is ‘where’s my face’?!

To start with, get some of your dog’s favourite rewards and wait for them to make eye contact with you. Mark and reward them, before turning away and waiting again.

Let your dog figure out what to do next… Because it worked before your dog is likely to move in front of you to make eye contact again.

Every time your dog successfully looks at you, mark, reward and rotate again.

When your dog is getting really good at this you will see they respond much quicker when you turn away.

Practice turning in both directions.

Soon your dog will be rapidly checking in with you no matter which way you turn. Building up this skill in a quiet location before working around more distractions will help set your dog up to succeed and make it more likely they will be able to focus on you in the wider world.

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