Walk and Catch




Once you have taught your dog to catch reliably you can use this skill to help build up wonderful, focused walking beside you.

To start, stand with your dog by your side. Have a handful of treats ready and practice getting your dog to catch treats dropped from your hand, one at a time.

This can take a bit of perfecting as your dog will need to respond quickly in order to catch the treats successfully.

When your dog has mastered this standing still, it’s time to add movement. Start to walk forward and as your dog follows, reward them by dropping a treat from your hand for them to catch.

Continue to move forward together, dropping a treat every couple of paces.

As your dog gets really good at catching treats on the move, consider practicing in a variety of locations. This exercise is great at building highly focused walking skills which are useful for short periods when you need your dog to stay close and ignore the environment completely.

Remember to practice in short sessions and build up at your dog’s pace.

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