Training Articles

Effective Doggie Parenting Tips

As a child, I had many dog siblings and always wondered if there was a magic mantra to communicate with my dogs. Well, I mostly had about 8 canine siblings and 2 human siblings (all at once). So you can imagine the kind of mayhem it was. I got along really well with my canine siblings. It’s the human siblings that were a completely different world. Phew!

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Helpful Puppy-Parenting Pointers

Throw that bowl away. Really? Yes, Bowls are ancient. Hand feeding your puppy is the BEST THING you can do. It’s fun and bonding and teaches the puppy that all good things come from you.

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Normal Puppy Behaviors

Bringing a puppy home is exciting, fun, challenging and confusing at the same time. We love our puppies like children BUT they’re not children – they are baby dogs and their behavior is purely instinctive and is motivated by their basic needs – sleep, food, water, attention and elimination.

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