Group Classes

You want results at home and out in the world, not just in the classroom. Our fun, creative classes get you results where they really count – at home and about town.

Begin with Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners classes and then move Beyond: Choose from our catalog of fun classes designed to get you and your dog on the same page at home and wherever the day’s adventures take you.

Why choose D For Dogz for Group Classes?

  • Results are great. They are even better when getting them is based on science and FUN for both you and your dog.
  • Our curriculum focuses on getting you great results in your real life outside our classroom.
  • We keep classes small to give you and your dog the individual focus you deserve.
  • Easy to follow practice work after every class.
  • Your time and dollars matter. So do your results, and we care as much about them as you do.

Puppy Socials

Puppies between 8 and 20 weeks of age

You want a dog with great social skills? One who knows how to get on with her fellow four-legged compatriots, plays politely and is always welcome around other dogs. These sessions are perfect for puppies to interact, play, and learn essential social cues in a safe and supervised environment. Watch your puppy make new friends and learn the art of dogtiquette.

Join us for trainer-supervised play and learning. Your puppy learns to communicate with other dogs, and you learn what your puppy is telling you. Puppy Socials are currently offered in Mountain View on Saturday.

Puppy Kindergarten Class

Puppies between 8 to 14 weeks at the start of the class

Get your pup off to a right start with a class that focuses on appropriate socialization, prevention of fears, phobias and aggression, solutions to common puppy problems, body handling & grooming, building a foundation for engagement with you through play. We’ll also discuss common puppy challenges and solutions, learn to understand body language, and know what our puppy is communicating. The focus is to teach our puppy to navigate the world calmly, practice self control, understand and respect boundaries.

Puppy Classes are currently offered in Mountain View on Saturday.

Basic Manners Class

Pups 17 weeks and older

Our class teaches your pup the basics of living in the human world with grace and charm. Using real-life scenarios, your pup will learn to listen to you, come when called, drop items on cue, greet guests politely; settle down so you can get some emails answered, cook dinner, enjoy a visit from a friend, not surf the counters, walk nicely on leash, settle down calmly while you shop, “leave it” when out and about, greet dogs politely, get comfortable being groomed, handled, and restrained — all of which are extremely important for vet visits and day-to-day hygiene.

Classes are currently offered in Los Gatos, Campbell & Mountain View.

Public Manners Impulse Control

Graduates of Basic Manners Class

This class is all about teaching your dog self-control about town. We’ll meet in a new location each week—shopping districts, cafes, pet supply stores, parks, etc. Enjoy socializing with fellow students while working with your dog in the real world, supported by your training instructor-cum-tour director.

Classes are scheduled about town on Sunday from 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM. 

Walk About Town Class

Graduates of Basic Manners Class

This class is all manners on the leash.

If your dog could use some extra walking finesse, this class is just the thing. Great for dedicated pullers and those distracted by squirrels, pigeons, traffic, other dogs, great smells, etc.

Four intermediate-level sessions build on your dog’s basic foundation to teach him to walk with you instead of dragging you about like an afterthought.

Classes are scheduled about town on Sunday from 10.15 AM to 11.15 AM. 

Recall Class

Graduates of Basic Manners Class

Who couldn’t benefit from extra practice getting their dog to come when called? We dedicate four sessions to building faster recalls in increasingly challenging situations—think squirrels in trees or exciting smells or a good chase game at the park—so you can enjoy real-life recalls when you really need them.

Join us for a class that’s fast-paced, effective, and fun!

Classes are scheduled about town on Sunday from 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM. 

Canine Good Citizen Class

Graduates of Basic Manners Class

A CGC certificate can open a lot of doors. Many landlords require it for renting with a dog, and many workplaces do the same for permission to bring your dog to work. Plus you get bragging rights and a very polite dog. We’ll get you and your dog ready to take the Canine Good Citizen test, which includes sitting to greet strangers, polite leash behavior with other dogs, out-of-sight stays, rock-solid recalls, and more. You can then graduate to take the Community Canine Test.

Classes are scheduled about town on Sunday from 10.15 AM to 11.15 AM. 

Growly Dog Foundations Class

Leash Reactive Dogs – All Age Groups

Our class focuses on changing how your pup feels about his triggers.

Walking the dog is supposed to be fun. Relaxing, even. But it’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself when your best friend is growling and lunging at every dog he sees. Our certified dog trainer will guide you and your group through fun, carefully orchestrated exercises designed to change how your dog feels about seeing other dogs while on leash—and how he behaves when he does, too.

Classes are offered in Mountain View. 

Growly Dog About Town Class

Reactive Dog Foundations Class or Private Training Graduates

We take our leash reactive dogs about town.

This class is designed to boost your confidence and help your dog handle all manner of situations. Weekly trips to various neighborhoods, parks, and other appropriate settings let you and your dog practice your new skills in real-life situations.

You’ll walk with a small group of fellow Leash Reactive Dog grads, guided by your training instructor. You will also be a part of our free Meet Up and Facebook group connecting you with other owners for additional help & support, if needed.

What Our Clients Say

“I 100% recommend Kaajal’s dog reactive classes! Walks with my dog were stressful because I was not well prepared to handle my dog’s regular lunging and barking at other dogs. After taking the beginners class I see a noticeable difference in our walks. I actually ENJOY walking with my dog because we both feel more comfortable and confident.”

Dogs together with pet ownerEréndira Morales, Mom of Yunque, a Goldendoodle Pup

“I launched a rescue last year and I am so fortunate to have a wonderful trainer we can turn to when our fosters and or adopters need help. Kaajal offers wonderful group classes for adults and puppies. She also offers socialization classes which are awesome. You will be amazed at the change in your relationship with your dog after attending D For Dogz classes.”

Dawn Piazza, Owner of Every Pet's Dream