Capturing Sit




Sit is a simple exercise to teach your dog and it forms the basis of several other skills, including door manners and polite greetings.

You can easily build this behaviour by waiting until your dog naturally sits and rewarding them every time. This is called capturing and your dog will start to realise that sitting leads to good things coming from you.

This will result in your dog offering to sit more frequently. Practice in lots of locations throughout your home and garden. If you reward them every time, soon it will become a great default behaviour for your dog when they come over to you.

This will help your dog develop excellent manners around people both inside and out of the home.

When your dog is reliably offering a sit when they come over, you can introduce a cue word. Simply say your chosen work as your dog approaches, before they start to sit. Mark and reward with a treat as soon as they respond.

As your dog gets good at this, you can take your training on the road to build their skills further.

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