Teach Your Dog to Recycle




One trick which is great fun to do, is teach your dog to help with the recycling.

First you’ll want to teach your dog to fetch so they can bring things to your hand.

Next set up a bucket in front of you and place some objects around you on the floor. Ask your dog to fetch and as they bring the item over, hold your hand over the bucket.

Mark and reward when they drop the object in your hand. At this stage it doesn’t matter if it falls into the bucket or not.

After a few repetitions, see if you hold the bucket at a slight angle, whether your dog will drop the item inside when they come over.

If they do, celebrate and reward your dog generously!

From here practice until your dog is happily dropping an item into the bucket every time.

If any of the items miss the bucket, wait and see if your dog will pick them up and try again. When they land in the bucket, mark and reward.

When they can do this, introduce a cue, such as ‘recycle’ by saying it as your dog brings each item, before they drop them in the bucket.

See if you can get your dog to do 2 or 3 objects in a row before you reward them.

Don’t be afraid to drop back to an easier stage for a few repetitions if needed, before making it more challenging again.

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