Life is fun with a well-adjusted dog…

Life is fun with a well-adjusted dog…

You’d love a dog who is calm when you need he or she to be, walks without pulling, doesn’t jump all over everyone, comes when called, and is well-behaved in situations that matter to you.

We know how you feel, and we are here to help. Our puppy and dog board and train programs make life with our dog fun and peaceful.

Board & Train

Your puppy or dog stays at the trainer’s home to learn the rules of your house making it a popular choice because it offers a focused, intensive, and professional approach to training.

Day School

Just like school for kids… This is a convenient option for parents who want their dog home in the evening but also want to ensure they have proper structure and dog training while at work.

Growling & Lunging

From stressful walks due to barking & lunging at other dogs & people, to the worry of aggression toward family members, visitors and strangers, or guarding food & toys from you.

Private Training

Private Training offers individualized attention & tailored plans to address your dog’s specific needs and behavior issues. This ensures quicker progress and faster results.

Group Classes

Puppy Socialization to Basic Manners & Beyond, Public Manners, Growly Dog Classes and more… Our budget-friendly classes prepare our pups to navigate life in public places.

Online Classes

Online Classes are a great option for busy Silicon Valley dog parents and new puppy owners who need to skip the long in-person class waitlist. Learn anytime, anywhere.

Meet Kaajal Tiwary

Kaajal Tiwary, “aka KT,” loves puppies. She is dedicated to getting new puppy guardians off on the right paw and guiding her students through the challenging early days of owning a dog.

Her goal? Transforming each bundle of raw puppy energy into the perfect adult companion through her dog board and train programs in San Jose.

She loves working with puppies but feels a special connection with dogs who are fearful, anxious, nervous, believe that the world is “unsafe”, resort to aggression to communicate, and specializes in working with them.

Kaajal understands that a well-adjusted dog requires proper care, training, socialization, and attention to the dog’s physical and emotional needs. She constantly seeks to bring up-to-date information in applied behavior analysis but also pursues other related fields that aid her work with all the dogs (canine nutrition, dog anatomy & physiology, pain assessment, etc.) she trains. Kaajal works with private clients and also collaborates with veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists when she works on behavior modification.

The D for Dogz Difference

  • We only use training methods that are effective… not all dog training is the same.
    We want your dog to love the process of learning his new behaviors. We want you to feel good knowing that we only use gentle, humane, effective, and proven training methods… as you can see from our success stories.

  • We are all about the results you see in real life.
    It’s all fine and good if your dog behaves in class or shows off for the trainer. But what matters is that he responds to you in your home, in public places — wherever your day takes both of you.
  • We personalize training based on the preferences.
    We can do the training for you or teach you to train your dog. Either way, we build a training plan for your goals and lifestyle and make it as easy and convenient as possible.
  • We’re Pros.
    In an unregulated industry, you want to know your dog trainer knows her Ps and Qs—that’s why we’ve opted for the most rigorous education available and committed ourselves to high-level ongoing professional development.

What Our Clients Say

“We highly recommend Kaajal for new puppy and older dog training. We really like her kind approach and sensible training methods for both the dog and untrained parents. We have seen her train all kinds dogs(timid or aggressive), with complete control and confidence. She is a wonderful person we really trust and enjoy working with.”

Linda & John Foxcroft, Parents of Molly, a Bernese Mountain Dog

“Couldn’t be happier with D for Dogz and Kaajal. She’s helped our enthusiastic Aussie Bernedoodle learn to control his impulses. He’s still very affectionate, but no longer jumps on people and she’s taught us different tricks and tips to manage all sorts of interactions. She does all of this with tremendous knowledge, expertise, care and love. Fantastic all the way.”

Manisha Aggarwal, Mom of Orion, an Aussie Bernedoodle


Science-based dog training refers to an approach to training dogs grounded in behavioral science and learning theory principles. It emphasizes using evidence-based methods and relies on a thorough understanding of canine behavior, cognition, and communication. Key elements of science-based dog training include positive reinforcement, which involves rewarding desired behaviors to encourage their repetition, and the use of clear cues and consistent communication.

This approach avoids punishment-based techniques and instead focuses on reinforcing behaviors that owners want to see in their dogs. Trainers and owners who follow a science-based approach often use methods supported by research and are effective in promoting positive behavior and strengthening the human-canine bond.

When considering dog training in San Jose, finding a trainer who aligns with your goals for your furry friend is significant. Whether exploring board and train options or regular training sessions, asking the right questions can help you achieve the desired positive behavior and obedience training outcomes. Here are the top ten questions optimized with your keywords to guide you in selecting professional dog trainers:

  • What methods do you use to encourage positive behavior in dogs?
  • Can you tell me more about your board and train options?
  • How do you tailor your board and train programs to individual dogs’ needs?
  • What qualifications or certifications do you have in obedience training?
  • Why is socialization extremely important in your training program?
  • How do you measure and track progress in training sessions?
  • What role do I play in my dog’s obedience training?
  • What are your strategies for dealing with challenging or aggressive behavior?
  • Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients in San Jose?
  • What is your philosophy on ongoing support after training sessions are complete?

By asking these questions, you’ll be better equipped to choose a dog trainer in San Jose, California, who can meet your needs and ensure your dog receives the best possible guidance toward becoming a well-behaved and happy companion.

D for Dog Training specializes in the following trainings:

  • Puppy Socialization Skills
  • House Training
  • Problem Prevention in Puppies
  • Selective Listening
  • Leash Pulling
  • Excessive Barking
  • Jumping on People
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Minding Own Business in Public Places
  • Recall
  • and more…

We want your dogs to be confident, trained, and behave in any situation.

While different breeds may have some differences in temperament, behavior, and learning styles, the fundamental principles of dog training apply to all breeds. Kaajal has experience working with a wide range of breeds and can tailor her training methods to suit each dog’s needs and characteristics.