Teaching your dog to stand on cue is a useful exercise when it comes to putting on their harness or towel drying them after a wet walk.

Start with your dog in a sit or down position and using a food lure or hand target, move your hand away from your dog’s nose so that they follow and push up into a stand.

Feed your dog in position.

Progress to using an empty hand to guide them and reward with your opposite hand.

When your dog is doing well with this you can add a verbal cue, such as stand. Simply say the word and follow up with the visual signal to get your dog standing.

By repeating this many times your dog will start to understand what the cue word means on its own, without you even moving your hand.

The key to success is practicing in short sessions and always setting your dog up to succeed. Don’t be afraid to drop back to an easier stage if your dog is struggling.

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