Finding Your Dogs Motivation




Just like people, dogs have varying likes and dislikes. When it comes to teaching them new things you need to use rewards that they really want so that they are motivated to work with you.

Some dogs enjoy petting, others love food or play with toys. Your dog might also love environmental rewards such as sniffing and exploring.

Discovering what your dog loves the most, is the fun part.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind… What your dog finds motivating and worth working for is going to change depending on the environment, time of day, whether your dog has eaten recently or how much time they have spent playing, among other things. This means that just because your dog loves something one moment, it doesn’t mean that they will the next. You need to have a selection of things your dog enjoys when you’re training together, so you will always have something to reward them with.

Have fun trying out different treats and games to see what your dog loves the most.

Food is a great reinforcer for many dogs. It is something that they need each day anyway, so consider using their food allowance to train with. You will also want to look for higher value rewards for times when distractions are higher.

Look at the world around you and watch for things your dog is drawn towards. Recognise these as motivators and think about how to incorporate them into your training sessions.

Think outside the box and keep things varied for the best results.

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