What is Management




Management comes in many forms but they all share one common purpose – to prevent your dog practicing undesirable behaviour. Dogs learn really quickly to repeat things that work and rapidly develop habits which are difficult to change.

If your dog has started to practice behaviour that you don’t want – perhaps counter surfing, bolting out of the door or jumping up at people, you will need to put suitable management in place to prevent things escalating.

The sooner you can do this, the easier training an alternative behaviour will be.

Management can be pens or crates to create a safe space for your dog, and prevent access to certain areas of your home. You can also set up baby gates at doorways to avoid your dog escaping when visitors arrive. Leads are great for managing interactions with people and long lines can be used when teaching your dog a reliable recall so that they don’t run off to exciting distractions.

Other things which are important include tidying everything away that you don’t want your dog to get hold of, providing plenty of toys and chew items for them to engage with and providing outlets for natural dog behaviour to make sure that they are content and happy.

You also want to make sure that your dog has a space they can relax in, where they won’t be disturbed by children, other family members or visitors to the home.

Don’t be tempted to fade out management too soon – teens often regress with their training in certain areas and you want to continue to set them up for success as they mature.

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