Through the Legs




A great trick to teach your dog is tunnel. This is where your dog runs between your legs from a distance. It’s perfect for having fun on walks and can even be used as an alternative way to recall your dog.

Start in a narrow area of your home. Stand so that your feet are wide apart and get your dog interested in a treat you have. When they start to move towards you, roll the treat backwards between your legs so your dog runs underneath you to get the food. Turn around and repeat in the opposite direction.

After a while your dog will be really good at this. Encourage them towards you and as they choose to move under your legs, mark and throw a treat behind you.

You can add a cue to this behaviour by saying it just before your dog starts to run towards you. You can even jump as you move your feet apart, which will become a visual prompt for your dog to run through your legs.

Be sure to practice in lots of locations and build up your dog’s skill level.

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