Its Picnic Time




Teaching your dog to relax in the real world takes practice. If you want to be able to take your dog anywhere with you and have them settle by your side without becoming frustrated, overly excited at passers by or worried about things around them, you will need to create opportunities for your dog to practice and build their skills.

One excellent activity to do together is go on a picnic! Choose a quiet location away from busy walking routes. Lay down a picnic blanket and get your dog to settle in a down while you relax next to them. You can calmly stroke your dog or give them a long lasting chew to enjoy if they need some help to settle. Reward them for calm behaviour throughout as you relax together while the world carries on around you.

You can practice taking your own snack to enjoy while your dog has theirs which will help build wonderful food manners as well as relaxation in the real world.

The more opportunities you create for your dog to practice this, the better they will become at relaxing and ignoring distractions around them. This not only helps with settling but also improves their focus, walking skills and ability to recall away from distractions.

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