Ditch the Bowl




Did you know that dogs naturally enjoy working for their food? If you are feeding your dog from a bowl then you really are missing a great opportunity for enrichment!

Interactive feeders come in many forms, from rubber kongs that your dog can chew to access food, to others which get your dog moving about more actively and using their paws or nose. You can create opportunities for your dog to utilise their incredible sense of smell to find where food is hidden by tucking treats into a snuffle mat or scatter feeding into longer grass.

In fact science tells us that dogs often PREFER working for their food rather than having it freely given.

Give it a try at home! Offer your dog some food in a bowl and put some into a treat dispensing toy and see which they choose first! You may be surprised!

You can even make your own toys by getting creative with items found in your household recycling box. Sprinkle some treats inside of cardboard boxes or plastic bottles. You can even cut some holes to make the treats fall out easier to get your dog started.

This is a great way to create an outlet for your dog’s desire to sniff, dig, dissect and chew which will prevent them becoming bored, and is a great stress buster that will leave them content and relaxed.

Have fun making mealtimes an enriching and exciting experience for your dog. Mix it up every day and you’ll see a big difference in their mood and behaviour.

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