Scavenger Hunt Scentwork




Dogs have the most phenomenal sense of smell. Searching using their nose is immensely rewarding. One activity you can set up for your dog to enjoy is a scavenger hunt. Start by hiding treats around your home or garden and letting your dog sniff them out. Have some in plain sight to get your dog started, and others hidden out of view. Make sure to hide them at different heights too.

When your dog is doing well with this you can make it more of a challenge by hiding the treats in cups around the search area. This will change the scent pattern and get your dog working harder to locate their food.

Eventually you can even hide the food inside containers with small openings to allow the scent to escape. Your dog will now get to figure out how to open the containers in order to access the food when they find it.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to exercise your dog’s brain, build confidence and boost your relationship. You can even create different themes for your searches, like setting up an easter egg hunt in the spring!

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