Tug to Fetch




Teaching your dog to retrieve is a great skill that can be built upon in many advanced behaviours.

One way to begin training this is through a game of tug.

Start by encouraging your dog to tug one of their toys. Move the toy around and get your dog interested in chasing it. When they pull enthusiastically on the toy, let them win and run around with it.

When they have enjoyed showing off their prize, you can instigate another game of tug.

As you practice you might start to notice your dog coming closer to you with their toy, because they want to start the game again.

Every time they do this, start playing tug and remember to let your dog win. Playing is much more fun when you get to win!

To build on this you can begin to move away when your dog wins the toy and see if they come running over again. If they do, reward with tug.

Over time you will be able to start by throwing the toy out and your dog will bring it back to you so you can play tug together.

Be sure to progress at your dog’s pace and keep it fun!

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