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A sniffari is a walk where the sole purpose is to let your dog sniff out interesting odours in the environment. They get to decide where to go and how quickly to walk. It’s a totally different scenario to walking for exercise.

Giving your dog the choice to follow their nose is really empowering and will help them build confidence, relax into the environment and satisfy their need to exhibit natural behaviour.

If dogs don’t have the opportunity to sniff and have outlets for their needs, they can become frustrated and this leads to many undesirable behavioiurs such as grabbing at the lead, barking at passers by and humping.

This frustration is natural and much like you would feel if you went for a scenic hike, and as you get to the best lookout spot, your walking partner rushes you on and you miss the breathtaking view.

Sniffaris allow your dog to be a dog, which is essential for their wellbeing. Sniffing adventures will leave your dog feeling relaxed and content. They will sleep better and find it easier to cope with everyday events, having had their needs met.

You can help your dog understand when it’s time for sniffari and when you are planning to walk in a more direct fashion by being consistent. One option is to use different leads or harness attachments for each activity. Alternatively you could use a longer lead for sniffaris and a shorter one for regular walks.

Creating a pattern like this will help set your dog up for success as they will understand what to expect in each scenario.

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