Building Relationship With Tricks




When it comes to training your dog, one of the biggest influences on success is the relationship you share. If you have a fantastic relationship, built on trust, fun and understanding, the more successful your training will be.

One way to supercharge your relationship is to engage in fun activities and games with your dog, without any social pressure over the outcome. For this reason, trick training is perfect!

Working on learning something new and fun together simply for the joy of doing it will enable you to understand your dog better as well as sharpen your training skills and create a stronger connection.

Choose easy tricks to begin with and make sure to progress at your dog’s pace, so that they are having fun every step of the way. You can then progress to more advanced and challenging skills.

The more you boost your relationship, the more you will notice its effect in other areas of training too, such as recall or loose lead walking.

Relationship is at the heart of it all!

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