Introducing a Ramp




When you travel with your dog it’s important that they are safe and secure. This could be in a crate, or on a suitable harness and seatbelt.

Care should be taken when getting your dog in and out of the car. You’ll want to prevent your dog from jumping whilst they are still growing to protect their joints, but lifting your dog might be difficult if they are a large breed or you struggle with your own mobility. Using a ramp is the perfect solution.

To introduce a ramp to your dog, start by laying it on the floor and letting your dog investigate. You can pair with treats to make it a really positive experience.

When your dog is relaxed you can start to encourage them to step onto the ramp while it is lying flat on the floor. Reward them for every paw contact at first, before gradually getting them to walk along it from one end to the other before rewarding

The next stage is to elevate the ramp slightly so that your dog can walk up and down a slight incline. A curb is perfect for this.

When they are happily moving back and forth along the ramp at a shallow incline, you can attach the ramp to your vehicle and practice getting them to move up the ramp and into your car. Reward highly as soon as they are in the car before getting them to move down the ramp again.

Over time you can add cues to prompt your dog to get in and out of the car using the ramp.

Make sure your sessions are short and fun, so that your dog really enjoys this exercise.

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