Settle as you workout




Teaching your dog to relax during everyday activities takes practice. You will need to set your dog up to succeed by managing the situations they are exposed to carefully so that they are able to remain calm.

Often humans moving about energetically is really exciting for our dogs who want to join in the fun. You’ll want to practice giving your dog an enrichment toy to enjoy in their crate or pen area while you exercise, dance, move about or practice yoga.

You want to restrict access to the area you are in but allow your dog to watch from a distance while they enjoy their food puzzle. This will help them to remain calm throughout.

Practice moving in unusual ways and at a quicker pace than usual. Do activities that involve you lying on the ground or jumping up and down.

The more you practice this, the more your dog will get used to these movements and be able to remain relaxed instead of getting excited or trying to join in. Over time you can give your dog more freedom and remove the barriers between you throughout.

This will set your dog up for success when you want to take your dog to the park where children are playing football or sign up to take an online exercise class.

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