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There will be times when you would like your dog to move to their bed and settle calmly for a longer period. Perhaps you have visitors over, are watching a movie or exercising and would like your dog to relax without getting involved in things that are going on.

It’s important to set your dog up to succeed in these situations, as this is an advanced skill and will take time for your dog to master. Until your dog is ready, be sure to settle them in a safe space such as their crate or pen whilst activities are going on.

To teach your dog to go to their bed and settle on cue you first need to build value in their bed.

Start by guiding your dog onto their bed and rewarding them several treats, one after another.

Throw a treat away for your dog to follow and set up for another repetition.

After you have guided your dog onto their bed a few times, see if they will move onto it themselves. Reward them as soon as they do.

Start to reward your dog in a down and build up the duration they can remain there for by rewarding in position one treat after another.

Add in distractions such as moving away and coming back, picking up objects, or sitting on the sofa a short distance away. Every time your dog remains on their bed, reward them. Don’t be afraid to make it easier again if your dog struggles at any point.

When your dog is really good at getting into position when you wait by the bed, start to add a cue, such as ‘go to bed’ each time.

Over time you will be able to get your dog settling for longer durations and while more activities are going on around them.

Practice in short sessions and keep it fun and achievable.

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