The Art of Treat Delivery




When it comes to training your dog, there are a lot of human skills that will make the job easier. One such skill is the art of treat delivery. Being able to skillfully give your dog a treat in the right location, quickly and without dropping food to the floor can take a bit of practice to get right.

Investing time in playing in games to improve your own dexterity will help you level up your skills and make training your dog much easier!

One game you can play without your dog involves holding several treats in your hand and putting one down at a time on a countertop. Continue until you’ve placed all of the treats. You can practice with both hands and even time yourself to see how quickly you can accurately deliver 10 treats one after another.

When you are doing really well with this it is time to add your dog into the equation. Stand with your dog on one side of you. Practice rewarding treats one at a time from your closest hand. Remember to bring your hand back to your default position between treats.

When you are comfortable with this you can start to practice on the move with your dog.

Putting in time to master this now, will make it second nature when it comes to training together.

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