Flirt Pole Fun




When living with dogs it’s important to remember that they have been bred for many generations for specific roles. When dogs aren’t being worked in these roles, it is important that we provide them with outlets for their natural behaviour to ensure that they are fulfilled and don’t seek out inappropriate alternatives.

For dogs who love to chase, a flirt pole is a brilliant outlet.

To start with you want to get your dog’s interest. Act as if it is the most special thing you’ve ever seen and your dog will wonder what you have.

Next drop the toy to the ground and using the pole, make it dart across the floor as if it were alive. Vary the speed you move it so that your dog is close behind and motivated to keep chasing.

Keep changing direction and make it fun and unpredictable. When your dog catches the toy, praise and let them tug, shake or parade it around. Be mindful to tug with the toy and not the pole.

Wait for your dog to drop the toy or trade for some treats before playing again.

Remember to keep sessions short so your dog can’t wait to play again next time.

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