Puppy Training Bay Area

Welcome to the playful world of puppies!

We understand raising a puppy can be fun, joyful, frustrating, & confusing – a mixed bag of emotions all at the same time… As cute & adorable as puppies are, they don’t come pre-programmed with the rules of navigating the world of humans!

Imagine not having to worry about your puppy being afraid of situations, play biting everyone, stealing things, peeing in the house and barking like crazy when they’re alone! A puppy who knows how to pay attention to you, how to act around other people and other dogs, pee in the right places, chew their own toys only, not use their needle sharp teeth on humans, come when called, be calm when needed.… how to deal with all the chaos and excitement in life & more!

Puppyhood (especially the first 16 weeks of your dog’s life) is the best time to lay the foundation for the canine companion of your dreams. If you’re looking forward to a calm, relaxed, easy-going, friendly, confident, well-adjusted adult dog – puppy training that includes systematic socialization, confidence building, installing life skills and training is the key. Our training methods are backed by science, effective, and tailored to fit the bustling lifestyle of our community.

Choose a program that fits your lifestyle and training goals – Puppy Playgroup & Group Classes, Puppy Board & Train, Puppy Day School, Private Puppy Training, and Online Classes.

Puppy Playgroup & Group Classes

Puppies 8 to 16 weeks

Take advantage of the critical learning period in your puppy’s life with age appropriate puppy playgroups and Kindergarten classes. We focus on appropriate socialization, life skills, installing calmness, building confidence navigating the human world, prevention of fear, phobias & aggression, solutions to common puppy problems, body handling and grooming & more… Classes offered in Mountain View, Campbell, Los Gatos and San Jose. 

Puppy Board & Train

Puppies 10 to 16 weeks at the start of the program

A popular choice among busy Silicon Valley professionals, our Board & Train programs provide structured training and socialization to help puppies grow into well-adjusted, balanced adult dogs. Your puppy will reside with our trainer in their home, learning the rules specific to YOUR household.

This accelerated approach ensures effective and long-lasting results. Choose this option if you seek quick results, if your puppy’s behaviors are outpacing your training time, or if you need to prioritize other important tasks in your busy day.

Puppy Day School

Puppies 8 to 16 weeks at the start of the program

Puppy Day School offers a specialized educational environment tailored exclusively for puppies and dogs. Our Day School programs are designed to deliver rapid results by handling the training on your behalf. This approach not only saves you valuable time and effort but also makes ongoing training a more enjoyable and manageable experience. With our team taking care of the training during the day, you can look forward to spending your evenings and weekends with a calm and relaxed pup. Moreover, our training is customized to align with your specific goals and lifestyle, ensuring that your puppy learns to listen and respond effectively in crucial situations.

Private Training for Puppies

Puppies 8 to 16 weeks at the start of the program

We customize the program to match your puppy’s unique goals and learning style, expediting their learning journey and enabling targeted improvement in specific behaviors or challenges. Emphasizing socialization, life skills, problem prevention, and basic manners, our aim is to cultivate a well-rounded pet.

For optimal results, we’ll meet with your puppy at your home or in various settings 3-4 times weekly. Additionally, we’ll hold weekly sessions, either at your home or outdoors, to transfer the training outcomes, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of a well-adjusted puppy.

Online Classes for Puppies

Puppies 10 to 16 weeks at the start of the program

D For Dogz online puppy training courses bring the world of expertise at your fingertips. Our online courses provide pre-recorded lessons, allowing you to work with your pup at your own pace. This is particularly useful for busy individuals who may have varying time availability. Now you can seamlessly integrate training into your daily routine.

You may learn with self-paced courses or hybrid training options that include one-on-one personalized in-person coaching or in-person group classes with your certified trainer.

What Our Clients Say

“I took several classes with D For Dogz and loved all of them. I really enjoyed that many of the classes were held in different locations around town so your pup gets to practice the skills in the real world. Kaajal has some really great and creative exercises for teaching impulse control/self control. It is obvious how much Kaajal invests herself in the success of her clients.”

Dogs together with pet ownerKelly L, Mom of River & Kaylee, Pitbull puppie

“One thing that sets Kaajal apart from other trainers is she uses positive reinforcement methods and is remarkably good at training humans in how they connect with their puppy as that sets the right foundation. We joined the group basic training + puppy socials, to begin with. The group classes are small and Kaajal focuses on each and every puppy and human client.”

Mikkin P, Dad of Munchkin, a Labradoodle Puppy