Knock It




Building your dog’s confidence can greatly impact their daily interactions and optimism throughout life. One thing that really helps to boost your dog’s confidence is understanding how their actions impact the environment around them and lead to different outcomes.

Teaching your dog to engage in knocking bottles, boxes and other noisy items over can really help to boost confidence in movement, experiencing touch and noises in the environment.

Start by setting up an empty bottle on a carpeted surface. Wait to see what your dog offers. If they approach or show interest, mark and reward. See what else they offer. Do they make contact with the bottle? Or try pushing it with their nose or paw to knock it over? When they do, mark and reward them highly.

You can add in additional bottles and tall boxes to the game.

When your dog is getting good at this and loves the game, you can start to set up the items on a harder surface. As they knock them over it will be noisier now so be sure to reward highly and make it lots of fun for your dog.

To level up even further you can partially fill some of the bottles with water so they are harder to knock over or try adding things inside the boxes and bottles that make more noise.

How quickly can your dog knock over all of the items?

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