Spin and Twist




Teaching your dog to spin is great to enhance flexibility and is a fun activity to do on your walks. You can teach using targeting or luring. To start, stand facing your dog and using a food lure, hand target or target stick get them to move in a large circle in front of you. Mark and reward when they get back to their starting position. Make sure to move at nose height so your dog can comfortably reach the target without jumping.

Progress to moving in a smaller circle for your dog to follow. Eventually you can reduce your hand signal even further, so that a quick flourish is all you need to prompt your dog.

You can also add a cue word such as ‘spin’. Simply say before giving your hand signal and soon your dog will start to move, as soon as they hear it.

Don’t forget to practice in both directions so that your dog can build flexibility and muscle strength on both sides of their body.

Happy Training!

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