Creative Canine Cuisine




An interesting and fun way to bond with your dog is to prepare a nutritional home cooked meal you can both enjoy. You can get inventive and use a selection of ingredients that your dog loves as well as some new flavours. You will first want to make sure that your chosen ingredients are safe for canine consumption – a quick internet search will help you be sure. Some popular ingredients include beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, carrots, squash, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes, rice and potatoes.

Gently cook the meat, vegetables and rice or potatoes. You can even use a crock pot to make it simpler.

Once you have finished cooking you will want to season your meal, but not your dog’s. Pop your dog’s food in a bowl to cool down before giving it to them.

Your dog will be sure to love it!

Feel free to experiment with different textures to find out when your dog prefers. You can blend their food or even partially freeze it for added variation.

Afterwards settle down next to each other to watch your favourite film.

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