Recall to sit




When it comes to building a reliable recall, something that can really help is to teach your dog to sit in front of you when you call them back.

This prevents the common issue of dogs running right by when you recall them, or stopping just out of reach.

Start in a quiet environment and call your dog to you. Mark as they come towards you and reward them just in front of your legs.

Move away and repeat.

After a couple of repetitions when your dog comes to you cue them to sit. Wait for your dog to put their bottom on the floor before marking and rewarding in position.

As you practice this your dog will start to predict that you are going to ask for a sit when they come over. You won’t need to cue the sit when they understand this, as it will become part of the recall. When you call your dog to you simply wait and see what your dog does when they arrive. If they offer a sit without you asking, mark and reward them generously!

You can even add in a collar or harness hold when your dog is sat in front which will be great for when you are ready to have your dog off lead and call them to put their lead back on.

Practice in lots of different locations, and remember to use a long line to keep your dog safe when practicing in public.

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