Go to Spot (Door Manners)




Teaching your dog good door manners can really help when it comes to collecting mail or bringing visitors into your home. You can help prevent your dog from running through the door or jumping up by teaching them to go to a spot and wait calmly whenever you need to open the door.

Before you begin you will want to set up appropriate management for your dog while they are learning. Having your dog behind a gate or x-pen, on a tether or in a separate room can help prevent your dog from practicing undesirable behaviour at the door. Make sure that this is in place every time you go to the door until your dog is trained fully.

Practice without a real visitor at first. Stand by the door and cue your dog to go to their spot and sit. When they get into position, mark and reward them where they are before releasing them to move away from their spot again.

When they are doing really well with this it is time to add in the doorbell sound. Ring the doorbell and then immediately cue your dog to go to their spot. After repeating this several times your dog will start to recognise the doorbell as a signal to move to their spot, even without an additional cue from you.

Next you can add opening and closing the door before returning to your dog to reward them. You can start to bring in an object from outside the door or pretend to have a conversation with somebody to increase the difficulty and build your dog’s skills.

The final stage is practicing this with real people and at varying times of the day. Spending time teaching your dog brilliant doorbell manners will make everyday life much easier.

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