Stair Etiquette in the home




When it comes to moving up and down stairs, it’s important to teach your dog safe etiquette so that you don’t end up having an accident if your dog runs into you.

Teaching your dog to wait calmly as you walk up or down the stairs before calling them to follow you is a great idea.

Start by getting getting your dog to sit, lie down or stand at the bottom of the stairs. You’re going to move up a step before returning and rewarding your dog if they stayed in position.

Gradually practice increasing the number of steps you take before coming back to your dog.

When you can get all the way to the top and your dog is still in position, you can call them to you, rewarding them when they arrive.

Be sure to also practice with your dog at the top of the stairs as you come down them.

By practicing this with your dog proactively, you will never have to worry about staying safe when you need to carry things up or down the stairs and your dog is around.

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