Water exposure and safety




It’s really important to introduce your dog to water gradually and safely. If you have a pool in your garden, it’s also essential that your dog knows how to reach the exit in case they fall in at any point.

Start by exploring wet surfaces so that your dog can experience the feeling of getting their paws damp. From here you can move to playing in a shallow paddling pool or along the shoreline at the beach.

Play with your dogs favourite toys and focus on having fun together. As your dog builds their confidence you will find them wanting to venture deeper into the water. Before letting your dog out of their depth, make sure to introduce them to a life jacket that will keep them safe.

As your dog develops their love of water practice calling them to you. If you have a pool you will want to do this repeatedly to teach your dog where the steps are to get in and out are so that they can safely escape the pool if they ever fall in.

Taking time to work on this now will not only ensure your dog grows into a confident adult dog around water, but will also keep them safe.

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