Walking Pace Changes




When you walk your dog, there will be times you need to walk quickly and other times you will want to slow down. Practicing getting your dog to match your pace will really help when it comes to creating an enjoyable walking experience for you both.

To start with practice walking at your normal pace and reward your dog beside you when the lead is loose.

Next you are going to practice speeding up your movement. As soon as your dog starts to speed up too, mark and reward them beside you. Initially your dog might find this really exciting so keep the duration short. Gradually you will be able to move quickly for a few paces and then even further before rewarding.

You’ll also want to practice slowing down from a normal pace. When your dog notices you’ve slowed down and adjusts their speed too, mark and reward them beside you.

Keep practicing shifting your pace between slow, normal and fast speeds. The more you practice transitions, the easier your dog will find it to respond to your movement.

You’ll then be able to put this into practice in real life scenarios where you need to quickly move past a distraction, or slow down to let somebody by.

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