Treasure Bag Adventure




Enhancing the relationship you share with your dog is so important. Everything is underpinned by your bond – from focus, polite walking and recall to your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing – a relationship built on trust and love is essential.

One fun way to bond with your dog on a walk involves taking a backpack of interesting objects along with you.

Start off by walking to a quiet location together. Lay down a blanket for your dog and encourage them to settle with you.

Slowly start to unpack the items from your bag one at a time, letting your dog sniff and investigate each in turn.

You might bring out a novel treat for your dog to try or share some food like an apple or carrot.

Perhaps you’ve brought a toy to enjoy together – encourage your dog to engage with you in play.

Another thing you can do is collect anything interesting you find on your walks and bring them on these adventures. Maybe you have a feather or piece of sheep wool, or you’ve brought a cloth that you wiped over a friend’s dog to capture the scent.

You want each experience to be interesting and enriching for your dog.

When you have finished your activities, pack everything away and head home.

Mixing up where you go and what you take with you will make this something your dog will always look forward to!

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