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Counter surfing can become a real issue in adolescence. As dogs quickly grow, areas which were once out of reach, become accessible. This can lead to them jumping up and stealing something tasty or fun off the table or kitchen worktop. Every time your dog finds something good, the more likely they are to jump up again in the future.

If you find your dog starting to counter surf, you will want to put some things in place to prevent it becoming a habit. Putting up management to restrict access, such as barriers, really helps, but you’ll also want to make it a rule to keep countertops and tables clear of tempting objects.

Practice getting your dog to settle away from the countertop and reward them frequently as you move around the kitchen.

Pick up different items, go to the fridge, get a drink and reward your dog if they manage to stay settled with each distraction.

You will need to keep management in place for some time, until your dog is happily offering to settle when you head to the kitchen and can ignore lots of different activities.

At this stage you can start to remove some of the management. Remove the barriers and continue to practice getting your dog to settle when you’re in the kitchen.

Remember don’t leave things to chance! Any time you are not around, make sure management is in place until you are 100% certain that your dog’s training is reliable even when you are not there.

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