Puppy & Dog Boarding Bay Area

D For Dogz is your pup’s home away from home :).

Turn your travel into your pup’s Staycation with us. Think of this as his vacation—but in a systematic, structured, and home-based setting, so your pup retains all the training you invested in since you adopted him.

Why Board with D For Dogz?

  • It’s not a Kennel. It’s a Home.
  • Your pup stays with a certified dog trainer (at her home) in Menlo Park, with over 12 years of experience in obedience training and caring for dogs.
  • We focus on structure, reinforce your house rules, and ensure your pup’s training is not compromised.
  • Boarding includes daily walks, mental enrichment activities, and playtime with other dogs if your dog enjoys playing with them.
  • If you are a D For Dogz current or past client from San Mateo or nearby areas, we will also add refresher training to improve your dog’s skills.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands while you are away.

Have a dog or people selective pup?

  • We understand. We are “people selective,” too :).
  • We have the knowledge and skills to accommodate your dog’s need for space from other dogs or people.
  • We board dogs with Separation Anxiety.
  • We have the education & expertise to train and care for dogs with special needs.
  • We will work with your dog’s trainer and vet behaviorist to ensure continuity in their progress.

Daily Boarding Rate: $195

Our daily boarding rate covers a full day and night stay in a home-like environment tailored to your dog’s comfort and safety. This rate includes multiple supervised play sessions, two nutritious meals (tailored to dietary needs), two walks, and evening quiet time to ensure your dog feels relaxed and at home.

Initial Assessment Options:

To better understand your new puppy or adult dog’s needs and ensure the highest quality of care, we require an initial assessment before boarding. Clients can choose from the following training programs:

1. Half Day Drop Off Assessment: $100
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Purpose: This assessment is one of the board and train options to choose from that allows us to observe your dog and interact with other dogs in a new environment. It helps us gauge their comfort level and any specific needs they might have.
  • Outcome: We provide a brief report on their behavior, compatibility with other dogs and people, and any recommendations for their stay.
2. 60-Minute In-Person Consultation: $145
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Purpose: This one-on-one session involves you, your dog, and one of our trainers. It’s designed to discuss your dog’s history, canine behavior, and any concerns you might have.
  • Outcome: You will receive a detailed plan of how we can best accommodate your dog, including personalized training and care strategies to be implemented during their stay.

Mandatory 1-2 Day Trial Boarding

Why is it required?

  • Safety and Comfort: This trial period helps your dog adjust to our environment and ensures they are comfortable and stress-free in our care.
  • Evaluation: It allows us to assess how well your dog adapts to being away from home and with new people and dogs. This is crucial for planning its longer-term stay.
  • Personalized Care Adjustment: We fine-tune our approach to meet your dog’s specific needs based on the trial.

What Happens During the Trial:

Day 1: Your dog will be gradually introduced to the environment, people, and other dogs for all the board and train programs you choose. They will participate in light activities to keep them engaged without overwhelming them.

Day 2: Assuming the first day goes well, your dog will experience a full day of our boarding routine, including participating in group classes.

Post-Trial: Following the trial boarding, we provide feedback and discuss any adjustments needed to ensure the best possible experience for your dog when they come for a more extended stay. All the dogs that we usually accept passed our assessment to ensure safety for your dog and our staff.

Boarding FAQs

If you have this question in mind, you are doing great. :) Remember that every pet is unique, so finding a boarding facility that aligns with your pup’s personality and needs is crucial for a positive experience.

  • D For Dogz is not a boarding facility. It’s an actual home.
  • The owner is a Certified Dog Trainer working with dogs with Fear & Aggression.
  • Read our online reviews from other dog owners – Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp.
  • Inquire about our educational dog training qualifications.
  • We require up-to-date vaccinations and fecal test results for all pups.
  • Please ask questions about the daily routine, feeding schedules, and how we handle specific situations.
  • If your pup has special needs or medical conditions, we can accommodate that.
  • We do a trial overnight to ensure the pup gets comfortable for the actual stay.

You can schedule a consultation or write to us with your questions. We ensure you feel good about leaving your pup with us.

  • Please get in touch with us by clicking the “Contact Us” button above.
  • Please share the vaccination records & fecal test results.

We will reach out to you with in 24 hours to schedule the assessment & trial boarding. You can also call us – 650 538 3011.

1. Food – Please label the bag and send extra, just in case.

2. Please ensure the bags have a measuring cup in case you drop off an unmeasured portion.

3. Other food rewards, chews etc.,

4. Grooming supplies – in case you need their teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and body brushed daily.

5. Their crate, and bedding for the crate.

6. One of your worn t-shirts to leave in the crate.

7. Body harness and Collar with your contact information

  • Drop off and pick up time is 8.30 to 9.30 AM.
  • Please talk to us to arrange for alternate times if that’s easier. We’ll happily accommodate whatever we can for a convenient schedule of your board and train program.

What Our Clients Say

“Kaajal is an amazing trainer who has helped so much with our hyper-active and anxious borador, Faye! What I love best of all is that Kaajal LOVES every pet. She knows them by name, personality, and she’s always so happy and enthusiastic, very patient and practices positive-reinforcement training only — that we feel GOOD about doing with our baby!”

Sonali M, Mom of Faye, a Lab-Collie (Day School & Boarding Client)

“Kaajal is truly gifted when it comes to helping dogs & dog parents. My rescue pup is fearful of other dogs and strangers. We’ve been working with her on managing his anxieties and I trust her judgement implicitly. Having a reactive dog can be very challenging and I have had to lean on Kaajal countless times for advice & support. She is my dog’s favorite person!”

Nisha J, Mom of Ziggy a terrier mix (Day School & Boarding Client)