Figure 8 Walking




Once you have taught your dog the position you would like them to walk in, you can start to develop their skills further. Walking in figure 8’s can help your dog to practice turning with you whilst remaining on a loose lead throughout.

As you walk, you can reward your dog by your side when the lead is slack.

Start off by setting out 2 objects to walk around in a quiet area like your garden or neighbourhood. By walking in figure 8s you will be able to practice turning away from and towards your dog. If they turn with you, mark and reward them by your side. If they start to pull forward or back, stop moving and encourage them back to your side before continuing.

When your dog is getting good at this you can practice using obstacles you find on your walks such as planters, trees or even bike racks.

Not only are you building excellent walking skills but you are teaching your dog to ignore the objects you are moving around and building up their confidence in novel situations.

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