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Puppies need to sleep for approximately 18 hours a day. If puppies don’t get enough sleep you will start to see unwanted behaviour lick increased mouthing and biting, barking and zoomies.

Make sure your puppy has a safe space to relax away from the busy areas of the home and prevent people from disturbing your puppy while they are resting. It should be warm and cosy, with soft blankets inside. If using a crate cover with a blanket too, to make it like a den. Always make sure your puppy has access to fresh water throughout the day and night.

When it comes to a night time routine, it is important to set your puppy up for a restful night’s sleep. You want your puppy to be relaxed and ready for sleep and having a bedtime routine can really help. The first step is to do some calm training with your puppy that gets them using their brain without moving about too much. Great options include teaching sit, down or a hand target.

Next take your puppy out to toilet before settling them down in their sleeping area with a chew item. This will relax them so they’ll drift off to sleep in no time.

For the first few nights when your puppy comes home you will need to be with them throughout the night. This can be you sleeping by their pen or they could sleep in a crate/soft bed next to your bed. Either way you need to be on hand to comfort and support them through the first nights in their new home. Never leave them to cry it out as this can be very damaging.

Having a blanket that smells like their littermates can help them to settle, as well as a worn t-shirt that smells like you.

Whilst very young your puppy will probably need to go to the toilet in the night. Set your alarm and take your puppy out to toilet before going back to bed again. If you are unable to get up and take your puppy out, you need to provide them with an indoor toilet zone in their pen so that they can go if they need to.

Setting things up right will make such a difference.

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