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Young puppies are susceptible to disease before their immune systems have a chance to become effective. But this doesn’t mean you should wait until they are older to introduce them to the wider world. Carry them if you need to, but make sure to start the socialisation process as soon as possible.

Socialisation is about more than introducing your puppy to other dogs or people…

The real goal of socialisation and exposure is to get your puppy comfortable with everything they are likely to experience throughout life.

You need to introduce them to new situations safely, making them positive, confidence-building experiences. Never put your puppy in a new situation just to see what happens.

Puppies need to be exposed in a pleasant way to different surfaces including: grass, wet grass, water, steel, dirt, sand, leaves, concrete, gravel, lino, carpet and wooden floors

Puppies who lack early experiences may find many things scary and grow up to be anxious and fearful. For example a puppy who was never exposed to wet grass, may have a hard time going out to the toilet when it rains. Every new and positive experience will help your puppy grow into a confident companion.

Allow your puppy to explore at their own pace, and support them throughout.

The younger your puppy, the easier it is to socialise them. As puppies get older, they become more cautious when faced with new experiences. So getting out and about in the world as early as possible is really important.

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