Teaching your puppy to roll over is a fun trick that can really boost your puppy’s confidence. Rolling over is not a natural behavior for most dogs and can be a little bit scary to start with so it’s really important to build up at your puppy’s pace. It’s best to practice this trick on a soft surface such as plush carpet, a blanket or grass. This will make it more comfortable for your puppy to go onto their back.

Begin by cuing or luring your puppy into a down. Reward your puppy as soon as their belly touches the floor.

Next you’re going to get your puppy to roll onto their side. With a treat between your fingers, move your hand slowly to one side of your puppy’s neck, close to their shoulder blade. The moment they turn their head, mark and reward.

Practice this several times before progressing to luring further around your puppy’s shoulder, towards their spine so that they lie down onto one side. Moving further with your lure will cause your puppy to fully roll over.

Celebrate with your puppy when they get it and practice until it becomes really fluent.

Once you can easily lure your puppy to roll over, the next step is to repeat without food in your hand. You can then add a verbal cue by saying ‘rollover’ before giving your puppy the hand signal each time.

Some puppy’s pick this trick up quickly and others need more time. Always remember to go at your puppy’s pace and make training fun.

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